Defying the Odds

carol-rickardAfter open heart surgery on June 3, 2010, Carol was given less than 6 months to live. Her heart worked at less than 18 percent, and, due to complications from osteoporosis, she ended up with 12-13 fractured vertebrae and was in a wheelchair for months. According to her daughter, there was no medical reason for her to be alive. However, she was prayed for by Pastor David and other Lifesong leaders, and, in time, she was able to walk unassisted, live alone, drive a car, and manage her own affairs (e.g., handling personal care, taking medications, and shopping for groceries). On February 1, 2015, several years after the initial prognosis, Carol passed away in a state of peace without any of the signs or struggles hospice said to expect. In fact, the last thing she said was “Hallelujah”!