Healed of High Fever and Severe Digestive Illness

While in Africa in September of 2013, Chris came down with a high fever of 106°F and some other symptoms that lasted for 17+ hours. The condition had him in bed sweating and shaking, and he reached out to Pastor Dave and one of Lifesong’s elders for some prayer. The elder was traveling on business in the UK but prayed for Chris between meetings. Pastor Dave also encouraged him with the Word and advised he’d share the situation with the other elders so they could join in prayer. Shortly after Pastor Dave initially responded, Chris said he was feeling better. He later acknowledged that he didn’t believe he would have made the flight he was scheduled to take if it wasn’t for the prayers he received.

In late 2015, Chris began to get violently ill, not able to hold food down. He spent months first trying to eliminate different foods then undergoing numerous medical tests, but things only got worse. It got to the point where he was sleeping very little, maybe two hours on a good night, and not consuming much other than water and lettuce. He then sought out a holistic approach that cost him significant money but failed to produce results. Around December 2016, with the little strength he had, he got himself to church on a Sunday morning and received prayer from two members of the Prayer Team. After this, he slept through the night and continued to do so in the days that followed as he experienced complete healing.