Healed of Sinus Infections and Herniated Disc

Kate suffered for years with sinus infections, and, despite surgery to help address the cause of them, they persisted and caused her to struggle with regular headaches. As a result, she was facing the likelihood of additional surgery. On Sunday January 8, 2017, a few small group leaders prayed for Kate. They also spent some time talking with both Kate and her husband, Dante, about faith and healing and encouraged Dante to join them in praying for his wife, which he did. Within a few days, the sinus infections, including the headaches they caused, ceased.

A couple weeks later on Sunday January 22nd during a time of corporate prayer at the end of service, Dante sensed the Lord direct him to pray for his back. Since 2005, he had struggled with a herniated disc that caused severe pain. He went regularly for shots to help with this but had been told for years that he needed surgery, which he had just had an initial consultation for. However, Dante proceeded to pray for his back, and, since then, he has been completely pain free!