Tithing Brings Incredible Provision

In 2013 right after becoming pregnant, Heather learned that the man she was in relationship with had started drinking. He became very abusive, and, after five months, Heather left. She ended up moving to Massachusetts to stay with her parents while she commuted to Warwick, RI for work. They continued to stay there after her son, Declan, was born as Heather struggled financially, barely even able to afford diapers. In utter despair after experiencing severe postpartum depression, she attended her first service at Lifesong in July 2014.

A few months later, she began to tithe, and, from there, her life completely changed. She was offered a job that was was five minutes from her parents’ home, and it offered more money, better benefits, and a future. As of 2017, her income has almost tripled since she began tithing, and, in addition to her full time job, she is working on launching her own business. Furthermore, her boss recently surprised her with a bonus for the down payment of a house, and, on Friday September 29, 2017, she purchased her first home!