Faithfulness in Tithing Leads to Better Jobs

Since making the commitment to tithe and not knowing how he and his wife, Shanna, were going to fit it in their budget, Tyler began praying that God would help increase their finances to help them be able to cover the tithe and even increase the amount they could contribute to further God’s Kingdom. After several months, new opportunities appeared, and some doors closed until a door was opened with higher income potential that Tyler believed God was calling him to. However, Shanna’s work schedule was going to make it difficult for this new job opportunity to work. Within four hours of deciding that Shanna would look for something with a better schedule, she had a job offer that was not even previously on the radar. It provided the exact schedule they wanted, and she would be working less, making more, and now available to attend church each week with her family, which was not possible with her prior work situation.