Miraculous Favor in Home Purchase

In 2017, Ben and Stacey made an offer on a house they really liked but found themselves in a multiple bid situation. The seller chose another buyer, but, while they prayed that night for patience and guidance, Stacey sensed the Lord encourage her to have faith that they would get another chance on that house. The following Sunday, they both went up front for prayer after service, and, later that night, they received a call from their realtor advising them that the buyer who was chosen decided to walk away from the property and the seller wanted to know if Ben and Stacey were still interested. They put in another offer at asking price, and, again, they were in a multiple bid situation. Knowing they couldn’t offer more than asking price, which could hinder their chances of being selected, they prayed for God to give them peace with whatever the outcome was. On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, their realtor called to inform them that the seller had not only chosen them but they chose to do something the realtor had never seen happen in her 40 years of real estate experience. The seller had rejected their initial offer and made a counter offer of $5,000 LESS!