Leg Grows Out Instantly and Osteoporosis Healed

Brian suffered a back injury while snowboarding in 2003 that fractured some vertebrae and resulted in curvature of the spine and a diagnosis of osteoporosis, requiring annual bone scans. In 2015, his chiropractor found that one of his legs was shifted and out of line (likely due to the effects of the injury from years prior), causing it to be slightly shorter than the other. During this time, Brian was attending The Case for Healing small group, and, a few days after getting this news, he received prayer in his weekly group gathering. While he was being prayed for, his leg grew out to be the same length as the other right in the hands of his small group leader! Furthermore, Brian stopped claiming osteoporosis and confidently stood instead on God’s promises of healing, restoration, and wholeness. On January 22, 2018, his bone doctor confirmed that he is free from osteoporosis and requires no further testing or drugs.