Alarming Lump Disappears

After a few weeks of discomfort in his neck, Chris decided to take a closer look one day when it was bothering him more than usual. He noticed a decent lump on the right side of his neck that really protruded when he turned to the side. It was an unnerving discovery, and his mind immediately thought the worst. That night, at his small group (The Case for Healing), he told the group what was going on. The small group leaders laid hands on the lump, and the entire group prayed over him. One of the leaders had previously shared that someone told him not to always close your eyes when praying because you could miss a miracle. A group member sitting next to Chris kept his eyes open and stated that he saw the area turn red and the lump decrease in size. A week later, Chris had an ultrasound, and the technician checked everything and couldn’t find anything. The lump was gone!