Healed of Foot Pain

In the winter small group session of 2018, Louisa hosted The Case for Healing small group in her home. During this time, she began experiencing severe pain in the heel of her left foot. After dealing with it for a few days, it got so bad that she thought of staying home from church on Sunday. However, she wanted prayer, so she hobbled down the stairs to her car. The pain continued to increase by the time she got to church, and it was very difficult for her to walk. As she entered the church, the first person she saw was her small group leader, the very person she wanted to pray for her. After she explained what was going on, he said he could pray for her after service, at which time he gathered a few people together to lay hands on Louisa and pray for her. As they did, she felt heat radiate in her foot. When her small group leader asked what her pain level was, she told him she didn’t feel any. She limped into church in great pain and walked out with none!