Leg Grows Out Instantly and Osteoporosis Healed

Brian suffered a back injury while snowboarding in 2003 that fractured some vertebrae and resulted in curvature of the spine and a diagnosis of osteoporosis, requiring annual bone scans. In 2015, his chiropractor found that one of his legs was shifted and out of line (likely due to the effects of the injury from years prior), causing it to be slightly shorter than the other. During this time, Brian was attending The Case for Healing small group, and, a few days after getting this news, he received prayer in his weekly group gathering. While he was being prayed for, his leg grew out to be the same length as the other right in the hands of his small group leader! Furthermore, Brian stopped claiming osteoporosis and confidently stood instead on God’s promises of healing, restoration, and wholeness. On January 22, 2018, his bone doctor confirmed that he is free from osteoporosis and requires no further testing or drugs.

Children All Serving God

Alice’s journey with Lifesong began when Pastor David asked her if she would be on the launch team. For many years, she had been a member of the church that Lifesong launched from, and she felt secure in that place. Although she didn’t want to leave, Alice had complete faith in the path that God was leading Pastor David and Ginelle in and felt in her heart that God’s hand was on them to build an amazing church. She told Pastor David that she was going to come because she wanted her whole family to serve God at this new church. Her son Robbie was about 13 or 14 years old and attended church with her, but her other two sons and daughter were not at a church. On Lifesong’s opening day, Alice’s daughter attended with her 15 month old daughter, and she and her husband became members.

Alice continued to pray for her other two sons, Keith and Dan, who both struggled with addictions. One had been in and out of prison for years, and the other had no desire to serve God. When Lifesong was preparing to move from the movie theater to the permanent facility on 65 Gilmore Drive, bricks were handed out to the congregation, and people were encouraged to write the names of friends and family members who they wanted to come to Lifesong and begin a relationship with God. Alice wrote the names of her sons on her brick, and God has proven faithful. Keith began volunteering with the Lifesong Parking Team at the end of 2016 and attending small groups in 2017. On December 10, 2017, both he and his brother Dan were baptized at Lifesong!

Healed of Herniated Disc

In 2017, Matt was struggling with debilitating pain due to a herniated disc in his back. Because of this, he became very limited in what he could do as a member of the Lifesong Video Team. One Sunday, some of the team members gathered around him and prayed over his back. As there was no immediate change, he made preparations for back surgery. However, one day sometime later, he woke up completely healed and, as a result, canceled the surgery because there was no need for it!

Healed of Psoriasis

Kim noticed a co-worker of hers had a massive flare up of psoriasis on her hands and forearms. Kim learned that she had been to several doctors, but nothing was taking away the pain or rash. Sensing the Holy Spirit was encouraging her to pray for her co-worker, Kim asked if she believed in Jesus. She confirmed that she did and welcomed Kim’s offer to pray with her. Kim spoke Isaiah 53:5 over her and told her to receive the healing Jesus had purchased for her. After they prayed, Kim encouraged her to continue to speak the Word of God over her condition. About a week and a half later, she came to Kim with excitement. She showed her that the rash was gone and said, “I got my hands back.”

Brain Tumor Disappears

Kimberly was diagnosed with brain cancer with a prognosis of a 5% chance of survival. Her father was a client of Sheila Finne, who attends Lifesong, and, upon hearing of the diagnosis, Sheila began praying for Kimberly. On October 1, 2017, Sheila prayed with the Prayer Team, and, on October 5th, Kimberly’s MRI results revealed that the tumor was completely gone!

Back Healed

Growing up, Kristina suffered from terrible leg pain as well as some back pain. The doctors simply categorized it as growing pains. In 2000 during her senior year of college, Kristina was in a car accident that exacerbated the existing pain in her leg and back to such an extent that she couldn’t sit for long periods of time, and it was excruciating to walk or lay down. She never knew when she took a step if her legs would give out from under her.

After two months, a doctor finally realized that she had a broken vertebrae in her lower back that had not been caused by the accident but was made worse by it. After six months of suffering with the pain, she had a spinal fusion and three months of rehabilitation that caused the pain to subside and allowed her to return to a state of normalcy. However, six months later, a routine check-up revealed that the fusion didn’t take and only the hardware was holding things in place. This diagnosis was confirmed years later by other doctors in Boston, who essentially said that there was no point in further surgery until the spinal issue hindered her ability to walk.

In May of 2017, she injured herself while playing baseball with her family, and the severe back and leg pain (sciatica) returned. X-rays revealed that she had spinal curvature with the compromised vertebrae appearing out of place. This was followed up with an MRI. Before getting the results, many from Lifesong Church prayed for Kristina to experience miraculous healing. When she went back for the results, the doctor swung open the door and said, “What? You get an MRI and get healed?” He went on to explain that there was nothing wrong with her back! The fusion was completely intact, and the vertebrae and discs above it were in great shape with no signs of degeneration.

Fertility Challenges Succumb to Faith

Due to some fertility issues Laura was dealing with, she and her husband, Eric, tried for almost a year for their third baby. It was a struggle every month when the test came back negative, but Laura allowed God to lead her into a deeper relationship with Him during this time. She went for prayer after service a few times and was confident God would fulfill His promise. Sure enough, as she maintained her trust in Him, she became pregnant with their third child!
Prayer for Stranger Brings Immediate Results

Bonnie was at a restaurant reading her Bible and enjoying a cup of coffee when two men sat in the adjacent booth. She noticed that one of the men was very loud and had an extreme stutter. Initially, Bonnie was annoyed by his volume and the distraction, but she then sensed God encourage her to pray for him in the restaurant. She reluctantly leaned over and said to him, “I believe God has put it on my heart to pray over you because He wants to heal you of your stutter.” To God’s glory, the man allowed her to pray for him, and once she did, it was immediately apparent that his stutter was dramatically reduced! 
Miraculous Recovery and Healing from 40 Year Old Injury

chris-pooleIn January of 2013, Chris suffered from bacterial meningitis (an infection in the brain fluid that surrounds the brain) in the emergency ICU, which quickly progressed into a more deadly condition called encephalomalacia. Encephalomalacia is when infection gets through the brain fluid and into the brain because antibiotics have not reached the head fast enough. Statistics of survival are less than 5% once infection gets into the brain. After having a grand mal seizure and swelling of the brain, Chris was transferred from Milford Hospital to Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston because the type of surgery to the head necessary to relieve brain swelling was not available in Milford.

Once in Boston, Chris began to stabilize. The doctors also found the exact antibiotic to pump into his body, so surgery was no longer necessary. It was now a waiting game to see if Chris would survive long enough for the antibiotics to reach his brain. The doctors were not hopeful, stating to his wife, Chrissy, that, even if he survives, he will most likely be brain damaged, having to learn how to walk and talk with a long road ahead.

While there were many people praying for Chris from the moment he went to the hospital, it was at this time that he received prayer from Tim Moore, one of Lifesong’s elders, which resulted in him being moved from the ICU to general care before Tim got back to his car. After just five days in Boston, not the average 30 days for bacterial meningitis, Chris returned home healthy and whole.

As if this wasn’t enough, on June 16, 2017, Chris received prayer for the healing of trauma from whiplash that happened 40 years prior at the age of two. Following this, Chris regained the natural curve in his neck and grew 1/2 inch! He woke up the next morning without neck pain for the first time since he was old enough to remember.

Dementia Yields to Prayer

For more than seven years, Dawn’s stepfather, Ed, had been in a dementia “neighborhood” of his nursing home. After attending The Case for Healing small group at the beginning of 2017, Dawn began to pray for and declare her stepfather’s healing, and, in early May, she was informed that he had scored his highest BIMS score (used to evaluate cognition) since arriving at the facility seven years prior. In fact, the staff was so surprised that they ran the test again with more supervision only to obtain the same result. Ed’s score was so high that he has been moved to a better “neighborhood” within the facility that fosters increased patient socialization.