Tithing Leads to Financial Freedom

Justin and Kate were married at a young age and soon after became parents. They had never really learned how to manage money and relied heavily on credit cards, thinking one day they would pay them off when they were making more money. Ten years later, they were making more money but had even more credit card debt, were living paycheck to paycheck, and felt like there was no way out. They joined a Financial Peace University small group in January of 2017. After hearing story after story of financial struggles from others in the group, they quickly realized that they were not alone. Being able to openly talk about one of the biggest life burdens with others, they were able to help each other start a new journey into financial freedom.

The most significant change they made was shifting their financial trust away from themselves and over to God. Within 18 months of choosing to return the first 10 percent of everything they made back to Him, they paid off all of their credit card debt, paid off both of their cars, and began saving to pay cash for Kate’s nursing school! On top of this, they are on track to be able to live on one income by January of 2019 so Kate can focus on school. The biggest blessing for them has been the peace that they now have when it comes to their finances. They say, “God has truly delivered on His promise to provide for us when we put our trust in Him. We never fight about money anymore, as we know the plan for every dollar. We really feel like we are working together now and that God is revealing His treasures for us when we trust Him with our finances.” 

Miraculous Favor in Home Purchase

In 2017, Ben and Stacey made an offer on a house they really liked but found themselves in a multiple bid situation. The seller chose another buyer, but, while they prayed that night for patience and guidance, Stacey sensed the Lord encourage her to have faith that they would get another chance on that house. The following Sunday, they both went up front for prayer after service, and, later that night, they received a call from their realtor advising them that the buyer who was chosen decided to walk away from the property and the seller wanted to know if Ben and Stacey were still interested. They put in another offer at asking price, and, again, they were in a multiple bid situation. Knowing they couldn’t offer more than asking price, which could hinder their chances of being selected, they prayed for God to give them peace with whatever the outcome was. On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, their realtor called to inform them that the seller had not only chosen them but they chose to do something the realtor had never seen happen in her 40 years of real estate experience. The seller had rejected their initial offer and made a counter offer of $5,000 LESS!

Faithfulness in Tithing Leads to Better Jobs

Since making the commitment to tithe and not knowing how he and his wife, Shanna, were going to fit it in their budget, Tyler began praying that God would help increase their finances to help them be able to cover the tithe and even increase the amount they could contribute to further God’s Kingdom. After several months, new opportunities appeared, and some doors closed until a door was opened with higher income potential that Tyler believed God was calling him to. However, Shanna’s work schedule was going to make it difficult for this new job opportunity to work. Within four hours of deciding that Shanna would look for something with a better schedule, she had a job offer that was not even previously on the radar. It provided the exact schedule they wanted, and she would be working less, making more, and now available to attend church each week with her family, which was not possible with her prior work situation.

Tithing Brings Incredible Provision

In 2013 right after becoming pregnant, Heather learned that the man she was in relationship with had started drinking. He became very abusive, and, after five months, Heather left. She ended up moving to Massachusetts to stay with her parents while she commuted to Warwick, RI for work. They continued to stay there after her son, Declan, was born as Heather struggled financially, barely even able to afford diapers. In utter despair after experiencing severe postpartum depression, she attended her first service at Lifesong in July 2014.

A few months later, she began to tithe, and, from there, her life completely changed. She was offered a job that was was five minutes from her parents’ home, and it offered more money, better benefits, and a future. As of 2017, her income has almost tripled since she began tithing, and, in addition to her full time job, she is working on launching her own business. Furthermore, her boss recently surprised her with a bonus for the down payment of a house, and, on Friday September 29, 2017, she purchased her first home!

Tithing Leads to Blessing

When John and Sara began trusting God with the tithe and believing He would provide, He poured blessing into their life, and they went from not being able to pay their bills to being able to afford their dreams. As part of this, without any degree or prior experience, Sara received a promotion to Vice President of Operations at her company, and John obtained a new job earning twice as much as he previously did. As part of their journey, John and Sara participated in the Money Matters: Financial Peace University small group at Lifesong, which allowed them to learn how to manage their money the way God intended. This helped them to achieve not only financial stability but also increased communication and greater unity in their marriage.
Supernatural Increase and Quick Home Sale

When preparing to move from North Carolina to Massachusetts in 2014, Mich and Marina didn’t have the money to move so far and to such an expensive area. As a result, they decided to “borrow” from their tithe with the intent of paying God back as soon as they could. However, they fell behind significantly in their efforts to do this and were still not caught up by the end of the year. They made this their top priority during the first couple months of 2015, and, three days after they got their tithe paid up to date, Mich received a 10% raise at work, far exceeding the typical 2-3% increase.

In March 2015, Mich and Marina were in their first small group at Lifesong. At the time, they had decided to sell their house in North Carolina. As they prepared to list it, they asked for prayer one night at small group, even though this pushed them well out of their comfort zone, and they received multiple offers the Friday it was listed and were under contract before the end of the weekend!

As they prepared to move again in 2017, they were dealing with a tighter budget than they had in a while, and Marina had opportunities for extra income teaching ultrasound courses in New York four to six weekends per year. The next one was April 29-30, and, though they really needed the money, they sensed the Lord direct them to serve instead at the LIFE retreat and water baptism services that same weekend. Three days after they committed to do this, Marina received her regular paycheck and felt she needed to give 20% of it rather than just the 10% tithe. She was obedient, and the very next day Mich got a 20% salary increase at work! Both in 2015 and in 2017, Mich received his raises without asking for them or receiving a promotion, which is almost unheard of at his company.

God Honors Tithing and Fasting

In early 2016, Dawn calculated her tithe based on her income at the time and was faithful in giving this every other week when she got paid. In October, she received her first pay raise in a few years, and, when she went to calculate her new tithe, she discovered that she had miscalculated earlier in the year. In fact, the amount she had been tithing was exactly 10% of her new salary!

In early 2017, God continued to show Himself faithful. During a time of fasting in February, after more that six months of unsuccessfully trying to rent out two different apartments, Dawn was able to identify and vet renters for both of them! 

Path to Financial Freedom

Glenn used to wake up almost every night worrying about his and Paula’s financial future. Now that their kids were done with college and on their own, they needed to pay off debt and ramp up their savings in a very short period of time in preparation for retirement. This seemed impossible, though, as their pursuit of the American dream caused them to accumulate car payments, mortgage payments, credit card payments, and now hefty school loans, which weighed on Glenn the most.

Glenn’s initial plan was to stay in their current home, take on another job, and work off the debt. This would allow them to maintain their current lifestyle without giving the impression to children, family, and friends that anything was wrong. However, this would mean giving up activities and relationships, and it would be a struggle to build relationships, attend small groups, and tithe consistently. With this approach, the debt would not be paid off until Glenn reached retirement age.

Glenn’s worry was causing his wife to worry and was affecting everything else. Recognizing that his worry was sin and hindering them from walking in God’s plan, Glenn confessed it to God and asked for Him to reveal His plan. God was faithful to show both Glenn and Paula the steps He wanted them to take, which included selling their home, paying off all debt, and renting for a season, something they had not done for well over 20 years. Though Glenn had to allow his pride to take a back seat to God’s plan, he and Paula committed to follow God’s direction.

They began by meeting with a realtor from church about selling their house. Though the realtor had come up with a selling price that made perfect sense based on market conditions, Glenn and Paula had a much higher number that the house needed to sell for in order to accomplish the things God had shown them. Choosing to walk in faith knowing that God can do anything, they didn’t try to convince their realtor to change the price. However, after their realtor prayed about it and listened to God, they came back with a significantly higher listing price, and, within a few days of the first and only open house they held, Glenn and Paula accepted an offer slightly over asking price.

Glenn and Paula were able to pay everything off and are currently leasing a condo. Their expenses are much lower now, and the biggest of them by far is their savings! With their newfound freedom, they have discovered a new business interest that they are pursuing together. They also tithe consistently without fear or worry and now have more time to help others.

Freed from Debt

In 2005, Tim and Ramona got out of the Navy and moved from Virginia to Massachusetts. They bought a home and took on a mortgage and second mortgage in that process along with other debt to purchase furniture. At the same time, they replaced their vehicles, which meant two car payments. Tim also finished school, and they started paying his student loans. Within the first year after moving, they went from no debt to a lot of it! However, at the time, they thought it was normal and didn’t consider there was a different way to live.

After joining Lifesong Church, they joined a small group called Crown Financial where they learned Biblical principles for their finances like tithing, stewardship, and debt reduction. After they completed Crown, they made a commitment to become debt free so they would be able to say yes to whatever God asked them to do. They set up a budget based on good stewardship, and they committed to returning the tithe to the Lord every month. They also started giving above the tithe when they felt led.

Tim and Ramona began to work through their debt snowball plan, and God was faithful in their commitment to become debt free. Ramona decided to leave her job when their daughter was born, and that same month Tim received a raise that was more that three times the standard amount. Additionally, one year when Tim’s company froze salary increases, he received a promotion with a raise. It didn’t happen overnight, but, as God provided and they continued to trust Him, Tim and Ramona made steady progress in reaching their goal. In October of 2016, 11 years after they bought their home, they paid the last mortgage payment and are now completely debt free!

The Perfect House

Chris and Lisa sold their house in the summer of 2015 and were looking to move closer to Lisa’s mom now that her dad had passed away. There were not a lot of houses on the market in her area, though, and the waiting was getting very frustrating. After being inspired by the movie War Room, they sat down together and put together a prayer list for the Lord, detailing the specifics of what they were looking for. The very next day after making their requests known God, their realtor received a lead from another realtor for a house that was about to go on the market that morning. Lisa happened to be going into work late that day, which freed her up to see it. It was two miles from her mom and had every last thing on their list. They made an offer immediately and made it their own in October.