Preschool Experience

July 19th

Bible Story

Craft Time

Print out this week’s craft for your preschooler to color!

Elementary Experience

July 19th

Bible Story

Activity Time

Print out this week’s activity guide and do the activities each day to continue this month’s theme of faith!

Talk About Faith

In this season your kids may start to ask questions about their faith, God, and His love for them – questions that you may struggle with yourself, or questions that may not have a simple answer. Use the guide below to help your kids navigate their faith!

Lifesong Kids Online

At Home

Experience Lifesong Kids at home! Every week your child will be able to enjoy an engaging video lesson and a craft that is geared specifically for their age group.

At Church

Available at Both 8:30am & 10:30am Services

  1. Bring a device and headphones for your child! If the device doesn’t have data, you can download the lesson ahead of time.
  2. On your way into church, grab a Lifesong Kids activity bag! The activities pair with the lesson that they’ll learn during Lifesong Kids Online.
  3. After you’re done worshiping together as a family, get your kids set up on their device. They’ll be able to engage in an experience geared just for them while you listen to the message!

What We Value


We believe that God has called us to be a blessing not a burden. There is no age-requirement to change the world, & that’s done by learning to serve others. In their schools, their homes and everywhere they go, we’re teaching them that they represent Christ. When your two-year-old starts cleaning up after themselves, you’ll know what we mean!


We make safety our highest priority! Every child’s name tag is matched to a guardian-identification number, every teammate is screened with the appropriate non-profit/education required background checks, and every hallway is monitored by trained security personnel.

Creative Bible Teaching

At Lifesong Kids we use the ORANGE Curriculum to teach your children about God’s love for them. We use games, skits, crafts, music and videos to create a high-energy, engaging and loving environment for your kids to hear God’s Word. Ultimately their confidence comes from understanding who they are, which comes from hearing who God created them to be!


We know that your kids love to have fun! We also know that when they have fun at Lifesong Kids, they will want to keep coming back and keep learning about Jesus. Because of that, we give 110% to make sure that your kids have a blast every Sunday!

Teach Your Kids About God’s Word!

Kids Bible App

Kids Bible App

Stay Up to Date!

Parent Cue App

Parent Cue App

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