Watch Out for Falling Rocks and Dangerous Vines…and Avoid Getting Lost!

The seven wonders of the world are magnificent, hold untold secrets, and are rumored to harbor treasure yet unfound!

The most incredible discoveries are made when treasure-hunting adventurers join together to face the risks. They overcome the challenges and make memories, unlocking the most valuable treasure this world holds. This Easter, your family can embark on an epic adventure to discover some of that treasure for yourselves!

Together, you’ll embark on a scavenger-type treasure hunt through the adventurous terrain of the fabled Blackstone Valley.

Guided by an age-old, newly-discovered treasure map and a specially-equipped adventure pack, you’ll get to practice your best problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities to gather all of the treasures of the region. You’ll have to complete activities that will challenge the whole family, each time earning the next clue to help you complete your hunt. If you are brave enough and clever enough to complete your map, you’ll be entered to win “treasures” that will allow your family to continue making up for lost memories and adventures! The prizes will include family passes to other adventures, such as LEGOLAND, the Museum of Science, Six Flags, and more — all as a gift from Lifesong Church!

We know that 2020 reshaped many moments (birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays) and that life, in general, looked so different over the last year.

We miss the joy and smiles that CELEBRATIONS bring, too, so Lifesong’s biggest memory maker of the year is just around the corner as part of our Easter 2021 experience. We’ve worked so hard to make it a safe, exciting, rewarding, and memorable Easter experience for your family and friends!

Invite Your Friends to Join Your Family and Hundreds of Others Making Memories This Easter at Lifesong. Base Camp and Epic Adventures Await!