Month: March 2024

Experiencing God | Palm Sunday 2024 | Pastor Paul DiCicco

So many of us have a distorted view of who God is and who He desires to be in our lives. A lot of different things can contribute to the assumptions we’ve made about Him, but too often these have little basis in the truth of His loving nature. Ultimately, the way we view and experience God for ourselves will determine how others experience Him through us. Jesus came to reveal the character of God to us, and it is through His life that we discover the One who invites us to come to Him and find rest for our…

Don’t Be a Jonah | Week 2 | Pastor David Payne

Most of the time we find ourselves telling God a lot about the problems we face. When there aren’t any problems, we don’t talk to him much, but then there are, we spend our time telling him about them. What if our prayer’s perspective was the problem? What is we reframed how we approach talking with God in the middle of the messiness? Jonah took that journey.

Don’t Be a Jonah | Week 1 | Pastor David Payne

The closer we get to God the more we can believe that God’s invitations to use us are always going to be exciting, welcome and feel good. This can lead to risking the pleasure of our closeness with God, or thinking that we can ‘run from His presence’. But there is always more to the journey than we plan for.