What is Water Baptism?

Once you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation, it’s time to publicly share that you’re living a new life in Christ by being water baptized. Jesus was baptized when He was on Earth, and we follow His example. When we’re baptized, we are submerged under water to identify with the death and burial of Jesus and raised out of the water to identify with His resurrection and our new life with Him.

I’m ready to be water baptized!

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to be water baptized! This is a very significant step in your journey with Jesus. Please follow the 4 steps below to prepare for this wonderful event.

My child is interested in being water baptized!

That’s great! Click here for a resource tool to help you and your child discuss water baptism.

Please have all 4 steps below completed 2 weeks prior to your baptism date.

Complete the brief registration form and then you can immediately move to step 2. A leader may be contacting you to talk to you about your decision to become a Christ follower, help you understand more about water baptism, and answer any questions that you may have.

Listen to the Water Baptism Teaching. Take notes for yourself to help with Step 3.

At least 2 weeks before your baptism date, please complete the brief questionnaire linked below. We recommend typing your responses in a Word Document first and them pasting them into the form. Keep in mind, portions of your story will be read during your baptism celebration!

Please wear a modest swimsuit for the water baptism. Ladies, please wear a one-piece suit and shorts. We will also be providing t-shirts for you to wear for the baptism that will be yours to keep as a little memento. Pieces of your testimony will be read on your behalf that morning – if there are additional sentiments that you’d like to express in regards to where or how you’ve arrived at wanting to take this step in your faith, please submit them to the office. This is a wonderful time for you to express personal thanks to people who’ve impacted your spiritual growth, acknowledge God’s drawing you to Himself, or just share your heart.

The office will contact you the week leading up to the baptism to let you know which service time your baptism will take place.

Don’t forget to invite family and friends to this event!

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