What is Water Baptism?

Once you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation, it’s time to publicly share that you’re living a new life in Christ by being water baptized. Jesus was baptized when He was on Earth, and we follow His example. When we’re baptized, we are submerged under water to identify with the death and burial of Jesus and raised out of the water to identify with His resurrection and our new life with Him.

I’m ready to be water baptized!

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to be water baptized! This is a very significant step in your journey with Jesus. Please follow the 4 steps below to prepare for this wonderful event.

My child is interested in being water baptized!

That’s great! Click here for a resource tool to help you and your child discuss water baptism.

Please have all 4 steps below completed 2 weeks prior to your baptism date.

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