Back Healed

Back Healed

Growing up, Kristina suffered from terrible leg pain as well as some back pain. The doctors simply categorized it as growing pains. In 2000 during her senior year of college, Kristina was in a car accident that exacerbated the existing pain in her leg and back to such an extent that she couldn’t sit for long periods of time, and it was excruciating to walk or lay down. She never knew when she took a step if her legs would give out from under her.

After two months, a doctor finally realized that she had a broken vertebrae in her lower back that had not been caused by the accident but was made worse by it. After six months of suffering with the pain, she had a spinal fusion and three months of rehabilitation that caused the pain to subside and allowed her to return to a state of normalcy. However, six months later, a routine check-up revealed that the fusion didn’t take and only the hardware was holding things in place. This diagnosis was confirmed years later by other doctors in Boston, who essentially said that there was no point in further surgery until the spinal issue hindered her ability to walk.

In May of 2017, she injured herself while playing baseball with her family, and the severe back and leg pain (sciatica) returned. X-rays revealed that she had spinal curvature with the compromised vertebrae appearing out of place. This was followed up with an MRI. Before getting the results, many from Lifesong Church prayed for Kristina to experience miraculous healing. When she went back for the results, the doctor swung open the door and said, “What? You get an MRI and get healed?” He went on to explain that there was nothing wrong with her back! The fusion was completely intact, and the vertebrae and discs above it were in great shape with no signs of degeneration.

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