Children All Serving God and Healed of Arthritis

Children All Serving God and Healed of Arthritis

Alice’s journey with Lifesong began when Pastor David asked her if she would be on the launch team. For many years, she had been a member of the church that Lifesong launched from, and she felt secure in that place. Although she didn’t want to leave, Alice had complete faith in the path that God was leading Pastor David and Ginelle in and felt in her heart that God’s hand was on them to build an amazing church. She told Pastor David that she was going to come because she wanted her whole family to serve God at this new church. Her son Robbie was about 13 or 14 years old and attended church with her, but her other two sons and daughter were not at a church. On Lifesong’s opening day, Alice’s daughter attended with her 15 month old daughter, and she and her husband became members.

Alice continued to pray for her other two sons, Keith and Dan, who both struggled with addictions. One had been in and out of prison for years, and the other had no desire to serve God. When Lifesong was preparing to move from the movie theater to the permanent facility on 65 Gilmore Drive, bricks were handed out to the congregation, and people were encouraged to write the names of friends and family members who they wanted to come to Lifesong and begin a relationship with God. Alice wrote the names of her sons on her brick, and God has proven faithful. Keith began volunteering with the Lifesong Parking Team at the end of 2016 and attending small groups in 2017. On December 10, 2017, both he and his brother Dan were baptized at Lifesong!

Furthermore, during the winter small group session of 2018, Alice signed up to attend The Case for Healing small group. Attending a group was new for her as she hadn’t previously attended because of her busy work schedule. However, she knew God was prompting her, so she went for it. Alice had been diagnosed with arthritis in her right hand. There isn’t a conventional cure for arthritis, and the pain was so severe that Alice was losing the ability to use her right hand. During the first night of small group, the small group leaders asked the group members to raise their hand if they needed prayer. While the group was praying for another person, Alice’s hand was healed! Though they weren’t praying for her specifically, she was completely healed in that atmosphere of prayer and has been pain free every since.

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