Freed from Debt

Freed from Debt

In 2005, Tim and Ramona got out of the Navy and moved from Virginia to Massachusetts. They bought a home and took on a mortgage and second mortgage in that process along with other debt to purchase furniture. At the same time, they replaced their vehicles, which meant two car payments. Tim also finished school, and they started paying his student loans. Within the first year after moving, they went from no debt to a lot of it! However, at the time, they thought it was normal and didn’t consider there was a different way to live.

After joining Lifesong Church, they joined a small group called Crown Financial where they learned Biblical principles for their finances like tithing, stewardship, and debt reduction. After they completed Crown, they made a commitment to become debt free so they would be able to say yes to whatever God asked them to do. They set up a budget based on good stewardship, and they committed to returning the tithe to the Lord every month. They also started giving above the tithe when they felt led.

Tim and Ramona began to work through their debt snowball plan, and God was faithful in their commitment to become debt free. Ramona decided to leave her job when their daughter was born, and that same month Tim received a raise that was more that three times the standard amount. Additionally, one year when Tim’s company froze salary increases, he received a promotion with a raise. It didn’t happen overnight, but, as God provided and they continued to trust Him, Tim and Ramona made steady progress in reaching their goal. In October of 2016, 11 years after they bought their home, they paid the last mortgage payment and are now completely debt free!

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