Life Transformed and Marriage Restored by Jesus

Life Transformed and Marriage Restored by Jesus

Though Chris grew up Catholic, he didn’t know Jesus or understand what He did for him. He was always searching for something to make him happy, trying to find this in women, beer, and marijuana. His life was full of superficial relationships that revolved around his selfish lifestyle, and he was angry and hurt, looking for anything to pick him up.

God placed a Christian co-worker in Chris’s life to help guide him and answer questions, and, in November 2013, he accepted Jesus as his Savior. A few weeks later, he began attending Lifesong, which he found through a web search. In March of 2014, he began serving on the parking team, and he also started attending men’s small groups. He went public with his faith through water baptism in May of that year, and, shortly after that, he became convicted about his living situation with his girlfriend, Erika, which was complicated because of the fact that they had children. Chris pressed into God and felt peace about whatever the outcome may be, and, not long after talking things through with Erika and meeting with Pastor Don, they had a small ceremony with family and were married at Lifesong.

At that point, things really started to turn around for Chris and his family. He was learning to trust God by being faithful in returning the first to Him. He was promoted at work, and they were able to buy their first home, an endeavor that had God’s fingerprints all over it. His relationship with his stepson also started to improve dramatically. His stepson was attending Movement regularly and ended up giving his life to Jesus and being water baptized. He also began serving in Kidsong.

In 2017, Chris experienced what he describes as the most challenging year of his life. His marriage was in ruins, full of anger and heartache. Through it all, he and Erika were surrounded by their Lifesong family, who continually poured into them as individuals and prayed for their family and marriage. In late June when things seemed to be at their worst, God moved in a big way. After one of their intense arguments, God spoke to Erika, and she responded. She realized their marriage wouldn’t last if they kept trying to do things on their own. She surrendered to Jesus, and, like her, their marriage was born again! While their marriage isn’t perfect, it’s stronger than ever because they are now both grounded in Christ!

Chris acknowledges that Jesus has transformed his life. His heart and his purpose have changed, and the deeper his relationship with the Lord gets the more selfless he becomes. He has experienced pure joy, not just happiness, and God has surrounded him and his family with loving, life giving people who are helping them build a legacy of pursuing Jesus and being led by God to fulfill His purpose for their lives.

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