Miraculous Recovery and Healing from 40 Year Old Injury

Miraculous Recovery and Healing from 40 Year Old Injury

In January of 2013, Chris suffered from bacterial meningitis (an infection in the brain fluid that surrounds the brain) in the emergency ICU, which quickly progressed into a more deadly condition called encephalomalacia. Encephalomalacia is when infection gets through the brain fluid and into the brain because antibiotics have not reached the head fast enough. Statistics of survival are less than 5% once infection gets into the brain. After having a grand mal seizure and swelling of the brain, Chris was transferred from Milford Hospital to Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston because the type of surgery to the head necessary to relieve brain swelling was not available in Milford.

Once in Boston, Chris began to stabilize. The doctors also found the exact antibiotic to pump into his body, so surgery was no longer necessary. It was now a waiting game to see if Chris would survive long enough for the antibiotics to reach his brain. The doctors were not hopeful, stating to his wife, Chrissy, that, even if he survives, he will most likely be brain damaged, having to learn how to walk and talk with a long road ahead.

While there were many people praying for Chris from the moment he went to the hospital, it was at this time that he received prayer from Tim Moore, one of Lifesong’s elders, which resulted in him being moved from the ICU to general care before Tim got back to his car. After just five days in Boston, not the average 30 days for bacterial meningitis, Chris returned home healthy and whole.

As if this wasn’t enough, on June 16, 2017, Chris received prayer for the healing of trauma from whiplash that happened 40 years prior at the age of two. Following this, Chris regained the natural curve in his neck and grew 1/2 inch! He woke up the next morning without neck pain for the first time since he was old enough to remember.

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