Path to Financial Freedom

Path to Financial Freedom

Glenn used to wake up almost every night worrying about his and Paula’s financial future. Now that their kids were done with college and on their own, they needed to pay off debt and ramp up their savings in a very short period of time in preparation for retirement. This seemed impossible, though, as their pursuit of the American dream caused them to accumulate car payments, mortgage payments, credit card payments, and now hefty school loans, which weighed on Glenn the most.

Glenn’s initial plan was to stay in their current home, take on another job, and work off the debt. This would allow them to maintain their current lifestyle without giving the impression to children, family, and friends that anything was wrong. However, this would mean giving up activities and relationships, and it would be a struggle to build relationships, attend small groups, and tithe consistently. With this approach, the debt would not be paid off until Glenn reached retirement age.

Glenn’s worry was causing his wife to worry and was affecting everything else. Recognizing that his worry was sin and hindering them from walking in God’s plan, Glenn confessed it to God and asked for Him to reveal His plan. God was faithful to show both Glenn and Paula the steps He wanted them to take, which included selling their home, paying off all debt, and renting for a season, something they had not done for well over 20 years. Though Glenn had to allow his pride to take a back seat to God’s plan, he and Paula committed to follow God’s direction.

They began by meeting with a realtor from church about selling their house. Though the realtor had come up with a selling price that made perfect sense based on market conditions, Glenn and Paula had a much higher number that the house needed to sell for in order to accomplish the things God had shown them. Choosing to walk in faith knowing that God can do anything, they didn’t try to convince their realtor to change the price. However, after their realtor prayed about it and listened to God, they came back with a significantly higher listing price, and, within a few days of the first and only open house they held, Glenn and Paula accepted an offer slightly over asking price.

Glenn and Paula were able to pay everything off and are currently leasing a condo. Their expenses are much lower now, and the biggest of them by far is their savings! With their newfound freedom, they have discovered a new business interest that they are pursuing together. They also tithe consistently without fear or worry and now have more time to help others.

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