Cancer Healed

Cancer Disappears

In November 2016 at the age of 37, Mark went to the doctor with a painful bump on his hip and, after some testing, was diagnosed with melanoma. He underwent surgery and further testing and was told that the cancer was Stage 4 and had spread to his lung. Mark knew the statistical odds were against him but worked with his doctors to do everything he could to fight the cancer.

That Easter, his in-laws invited Mark’s family to Easter services and the Egg Drop at Lifesong. Mark went up for prayer for healing that Sunday, and the person praying for him shared a testimony of healing with him. His kids couldn’t wait to come back, so they made Lifesong church their home. Mark continued to hear stories of healing, and those testimonies started to spark faith in him that God does heal. He also signed up for The Case for Healing small group where he was prayed for and grew more in his understanding of God’s Word and His healing promises.

On August 7, 2019, Mark went to his routine CT scan and was told that the cancer was completely gone! The doctors were not expecting the scan to be clear, but Mark knows it was God’s work.

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