Allergies Gone Without a Trace

Healed of Severe Allergies

For six years, Dawn’s list of allergies had grown to the point of being simply out of control. Bad flares would land her in the ER for anaphylaxis, sometimes even during work trips far from home. Everyone around her seemed to constantly repeat, “Oh yeah, I forgot you can’t do that because you’re allergic to life.” Eventually she just accepted that to be the truth, and, without realizing the power in her words, she even began speaking that over herself.

She joined The Case for Healing small group and felt very strongly God’s prompting to be in that group. It never crossed her mind to believe God for her own healing because allergies had become a part of who she was. It wasn’t until about eight weeks in that she finally felt frustrated and sick enough and asked for prayer from the group. She had a doctor’s appointment scheduled that week for testing for all sorts of scary possible causes for these reactions. Her small group laid hands on her and prayed for her, for wisdom for the specialist she was about to see, and for the complete healing of her allergies and reactions.

During her follow-up, the specialist told Dawn that she could stop taking all of her medications because all of the tests and blood work had come back negative! The doctor had no explanation for those negative results, especially with the long trail of medical records she was looking at stating the absolute opposite for years! Since that day, Dawn has not taken any allergy medication and has been entirely symptom free. She is now free to enjoy life and revel in what God has done for her!

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