Month: August 2023

Marked by Jesus | Pause, week 9 | Pastor Paul DiCicco

Marked by Jesus | Pause, week 9 | Pastor Paul DiCicco

Do you realize how much God loves you? Do you understand what His sacrifice has made available to you? If you do, would others know it by the way you live your life? A life that has been transformed by a relationship with Jesus should look different, and, in his letters to the church, the apostle Peter helps us understand what is possible when we fully embrace what God has made available to us.
Pause, Week 8 | Erika Jones

Believing Through the Struggle | Pause, Week 8 | Erika Jones

Pause 2023
The rip tides of life can feel like they are pulling you out into the sea with no shoreline or lifeguard in sight. When struggle, pain, and hardships pull you further and further away from the shore, remember we can reach out to our ultimate lifeguard, Jesus. During the struggle, we need to lean more into Jesus because he has a master plan for our lives. Erika Jones, shows us how to safely navigate the rip tides of life by remembering, Jesus is greater than everything.