Month: April 2024

Unseen Trauma | The Fog, Week 3 | Pastor David Payne

Every one of us has trauma in our past or present life. For some the scope and complexity is more severe, but everyone has to deal with it. Trauma often tries to dictate the methods of dealing with it, but trauma’s nature is to remain, not go away; as a result we have to ignore the voice of trauma and engage a better process.

The Fog, Week 1 | Dr. Vinnie Cappetta

Join us for a message from and conversation with Dr. Vinnie Cappetta, Trauma Counselor, Grief Coach, and founder of “Check your Compass” a counseling organization that Guides people through grief, trauma, and emotional challenges with group coaching and intensive retreat-style counseling.

Identity | Pastor Jon Youngblood

Have you ever felt like the enemy is pulling your strings and treating you like a puppet? He has one purpose in doing this. To strip you of your identity in Christ. When we don’t let God pick up the pieces of our brokenness, Satan will pick up the strings and try to control us with his lies. Thank goodness His word teaches us how to fight back, stand firm in our identity, and declare, “I am a child of God!”