The Fog

The Unexpected | The Fog, Week 5 | Pastor Paul DiCicco

The Unexpected | The Fog, Week 5 | Pastor Paul DiCicco

As much as we may know we need to trust God and not give way to worry, for most of us, it just takes that next unexpected challenge to throw us into a tailspin of fretting over all the negative possibilities of how things may turn out. We end up falling into the same patterns of thinking that leave us riddled with anxiety and not trusting God the way we know we should. However, the key to breaking the hold that worry has on us has far less to do with what we face and far more to do with…

Worry & Anxiety | The Fog, Week 4 | Pastor David Payne

Foggy headspace is often plagued by consuming worry, and even physical manifestations of anxiety that only accelerate the worrisome merry-go-round! Worry can feel ’normal’ in our day and age, and with so many humans dealing with anxiety, we can feel resigned to ‘deal with it.’ God’s best for us is freedom in every way – including from worry and anxiety though!

Unseen Trauma | The Fog, Week 3 | Pastor David Payne

Every one of us has trauma in our past or present life. For some the scope and complexity is more severe, but everyone has to deal with it. Trauma often tries to dictate the methods of dealing with it, but trauma’s nature is to remain, not go away; as a result we have to ignore the voice of trauma and engage a better process.

The Fog, Week 1 | Dr. Vinnie Cappetta

Join us for a message from and conversation with Dr. Vinnie Cappetta, Trauma Counselor, Grief Coach, and founder of “Check your Compass” a counseling organization that Guides people through grief, trauma, and emotional challenges with group coaching and intensive retreat-style counseling.