In The Dirt | Pastor Jon Youngblood

We have all found ourselves at some point in our lives feeling like we can’t get up out of the dirt. How we choose to see those moments can often shape the trajectory of our lives. Do we view them as being buried, or is there a chance that we are being planted?
Healing Pain | Joy Poole

Healing Pain | Joy Poole

All of us deal with sin but in this message, we’ll discuss what dealing with this nature looks like today, how is it keeping us restricted, and how we can push past the pain to begin walking in the freedom that God has for us!    

Mother’s Day 2024 | Ginelle Payne

You’re not over! Just because a few of the good times have ended, it doesn’t mean the bad times won’t! Sometimes we tend to drown in our own despair because we forget that we have the power and the calling to keep moving! Jesus reveals tools and favor to us through the tough times that we can use to help others!

Identity | Pastor Jon Youngblood

Have you ever felt like the enemy is pulling your strings and treating you like a puppet? He has one purpose in doing this. To strip you of your identity in Christ. When we don’t let God pick up the pieces of our brokenness, Satan will pick up the strings and try to control us with his lies. Thank goodness His word teaches us how to fight back, stand firm in our identity, and declare, “I am a child of God!”
Church at Home 2023!

In His Hands | Church at Home 2023

Most of us know or remember the song that says “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” How many of us can say we understand its history or what the song actually means? Is it just a cute song you sang as a child or is proclaiming something beautiful and deeper than you’ve ever stopped to realize?

The Table | Pastor David Payne

Our nature is to believe we’re the most important person in the room, or at any given table. We’d all love to be. If we’re not careful we can find ourselves devaluing both the table and the host though. That may mess up our human experience sometimes, but how does that look in relation to God? In relation to His invitation to the table?

Rescue Mission | Pastor David Payne

For many of us ‘life is good’! For so many though, it just isn’t. While we enjoy the goodness though, have we become unaware, or worse, unconcerned about ’the others’? What might our own life be like had we not been born where we were, or lived where we did?